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Wedge Welder

The Fuego is our flag ship wedge welder. It features a single motion wedge and pressure roller engagement, as well as a bronze alloy wedge that can weld both HDPE and PVC. Spring loaded contour rollers and an advanced pressure regulation structure make this geomembrane welder built for heavy duty industrial use.

Includes: Case, Tools.

Watch the Fuego Video


Model Number: ZTG-F300
Power: 230V, 1800W, 7.8A, 50/60Hz
Welding Speed: 1-16ft/min, 0.5-5m/min (adjustable)
Welding Temp: 0-850ºF, 0-450ºC (adjustable)
Material Thickness: 40-120mil, 1-3mm
Overlap Width: 4.5in, 12cm
Welded Seam Width: 2in, 50mm (with or without air channel)
Weight: 29lbs, 13kg
Digital Display: Temperature and Speed
Wedge Material: Bronze Alloy
Material: EVA, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, PVC, All thermal plastics